In 50-s and 60-s years of the last century the humanity noticed big successes in the space. Every step  is first- first moon, first person in the space, first moon-landing of astronauts.
The euphory is very big and the interest of astronomy too.
In this time in Dimitrovgrad some people decided to build a planetarium in the new park “Vaptsarov”. With the realization of the project occupies an arcitect Milko Milanov. The beginning is set up in may 1959. The area is 8 ha. It was built two buildings – the planetarium and this one with picture gallery. In front of the main building there is a statue of italian philosopher Giordano Bruno, which is the name of the whole complex. Its author is the sculptor Marin Uzunov. Work on construction is frewill and the finance is supplied by chemical factory in Dimitrovgrad. The import of facilities didn’t realize and the architect Milanov occupies with the project of construction of the apparatus. He and the teacher Vladimir Haralampiev invented Newton’s telescope 20 sm.

Officially planetarium is opened on 24th of may 1962. The planetarium is the first one in Bulgaria, and observatory is second one in the country . One year earlier is opened this one in Stara Zagora.

One meeting between architect Milanov and prof. Hristoskov, from instute of Bulgarian Academy of Science leaded to  second seismological station in Bulgaria, in one of the building of Planetarium.

In 1966 was built pavilion with 2 removable roofs for observations with telescopes. With the financial support from chemical factory started new equipment of the planetarium. The old planetarium of architect Milanov is removed and on ots place is placed the new one “Karl – Zeis, Jena”.

The telescopes aren’t big, but modern for this time. From 29th o f may to 2nd june 1977 in NAOP was eight  national astronomy and astronauthic week, which matches with 15 anniversary  of openening of the planetarium.

For 20 anniverary  NAOP is badge of honor of the town’s committee second degree.

In 1987 NAOP is host of 14th National astronomy’s and astronautics’ week. This week matches with 25 anniversary of NAOP. This time it honored with badge of town first degree.

With decree # 1675 of state council of Bulgaria from 20th may 1987 NAOP is honored with medal “Kiril I Methodius” third degree.

  • In 2008 NAOP was host of XI National astronomical olympiad.
  • In relation with International year of astronomy was made main reconstruction of observatory building.
  • In 2012 in NAOP was VII National science conferenceof Astronomy unit in Bulgaria.
  • – In 2014 NAOP was host again of XVII National astronomical olympiad.