The Observatory

In astronomical observatory in NAOP “Giordano Bruno” there are observating pavilion with removable roof which at the moment doesn’t work, because of  amortisation of the building. To realize the observations, the telescopes are in the yard of NAOP “Giordano Bruno”. Every Wednesday there are night observations if it is possible. The clear sky without clouds is very important for the night observating.


In the observatory there are many kind of telescopes and apparatus for observating different astronomical objects and occurances:

  • Celestron C8-SGT (XLT) 11026-XLT 203mm (8’’) – 2m/f Schmidt- Cassegrains, with equatorial installation and automate guide.
  • Two telescopes – 150/2250 Meniskus Cassagrain with equatorial installation with metal easel.
  • Telescope – refractor 100/1000
  • Two telescopes – refractors 63/840
  • 3 binoculars – 40/70
  • TZK – 10/80
  • Two telescopes Konus 60/900

The telescopes are provided with filters, eye-lens, gender-changers to take photographs  of astronomical objects.



In observatory there are two class-rooms where is the student courses. The rooms are provided with different globes, stellar atlas and other stuff.




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