About us



NAOP is municipal serving section in educational sphare. It work in several directions. One of them is organization of astronomcal student courses. They include theoretical and practical training. It realizes by astronomical lessons in NAOP and organize of expedition and summer school.

NAOP organizes astronomical student courses. The reception realizes by filling application form. The student courses are FREE!

In NAOP there are following courses:

  • “Kids astronomy”
  • “Funny astronomy”
  • “Grounding astronomy”
  • “Astrophysics”

It forms two mixed groups Practical astronomy and Observating astronomy, in which participate students from VII to XII grade. The students from NAOP make reports about their observations and participate in different astronomical conference and competions and olympiads too.

The courses are tenlored with the curriculums in bulgarian education from IV to XII grade in folowing subjects: physics, math, geography, human and nature.


Visiting in stellar hall

In stellar hall in NAOP leads lections, which are tailored with the age and knowledges of visitors. Often the visitors are student groups from municipality of Dimitrovgrad, the region and the whole country.

It is visited by citizens and guests of Dimitrovgrad. NAOP “Giordano Bruno” is included to National tourist objects in the region.

Night observations

Except student courses and visiting in stellar hall in NAOP there is also night observations when there is a good weather. Night observations there is also when we have astronomical events.