Bulgarian Astronomical Web Sites

Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Department of Astronomy, Sofia University
National Astronomy Olympiad
National Program Hunters for Sky Treasures
Astronomical Observatories and Planetariums in Bulgaria
Astronomical clubHelios“ – Haskovo, Bulgaria

Other Astronomical Web Sites

International Astronomy Olympiad
European Southern Observatory (ESO)
European Association for Astronomical Education (EAAE)
European Program Catch a Star
European Program Venus Transit 2004


Solar System
Saturn’s northern auroras Saturn and its northern auroras (composite image) Mars in opposition in 2018 (annotated) Stormy Mars in opposition in 2018 Mars 2016/2018 side-by-side The moons of Saturn (annotated) The moons of Saturn Saturn and its rings in 2018 Mars and Saturn close to opposition