Bulgarian Astronomical Web Sites

Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Department of Astronomy, Sofia University
National Astronomy Olympiad
National Program Hunters for Sky Treasures
Astronomical Observatories and Planetariums in Bulgaria
Astronomical clubHelios“ – Haskovo, Bulgaria

Other Astronomical Web Sites

International Astronomy Olympiad
European Southern Observatory (ESO)
European Association for Astronomical Education (EAAE)
European Program Catch a Star
European Program Venus Transit 2004


Exoplanet radius versus distance from star Artist's impression of gas streaming from GJ 3470b Exomoon orbiting its planet (artist’s impression) Artist’s impression of WASP-107b Huge system of dusty material enveloping the young star HR 4796A Wasp-39b and its parent star (artist’s impression) Comprehensive Spectrum of WASP-39b The habitable zone in the TRAPPIST-1 system Spectra of planets in TRAPPIST-1 system